scene and emo boys

I post picture of "scene" and "emo" guys. You can submit if you want. I will take requests if asked. None of these are my pictures unless stated. If you want to know anything just ask me.
Anonymous asked: Where is a good place to meet scene/emo people in London ?xx


im not sure I live on the other side of the world sorry

syeanne asked: Whose ur fav pokemon


im not sure there is lots of great pokemons

emmy123454321 asked: Whatsapp?*--*


im sorry I don’t  have it :c

look-its-a-fallen-angel asked: Hi, so because of this blog I think I am starting to have a thing for scene boys. :/ anyway do you have a kik?


I do it is xalexlovescuddles

addicted-to-pugs-not-drugs asked: you are beautiful


aww thank you darling c:

Anonymous asked: Who is that kitty boy? He is cute !!


im sorry I don’t know his name

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