scene and emo boys

I post picture of "scene" and "emo" guys. You can submit if you want. I will take requests if asked. None of these are my pictures unless stated. If you want to know anything just ask me.
couldyoulikenotplease asked: (I was the anon that asked for the selfie. OH MYG OD YOU ARE FUCKING ADORABLE. LKJFLKSDJF)


Aww thank you cx

Anonymous asked: But I can't sleep. I'm pretty sure I have insomnia because I'm always too scared to sleep.


I find that it helps to have some sleepy tea and listen to music or read when it’s hard to sleep c:

Anonymous asked: I seriously need sleep like now hahaha. I have to wake up at four and it is now 12:30am.


you should go to sleep right now then c:

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